Affiliates and partnership programs

Affiliates and partnerships program create an opportunity for you to connect with businesses, sell their products & services and earn extra money. Wi-Link offer verity of affiliate, partnerships and reselling programs.

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وائی لنک سیلز پارٹنر شپ پروگرام میں آن لائن اپلائی کرنے کے لئے نیچے دئے گئے فارم کے ذریعے مطلوبہ معلومات ارسال فرمائیں۔

Products and Services Overview for Affiliates

Wi-Link offer several products and services for resellers, affiliates and marketing partners. Everyone having good sales and marketing knowledge can join our partnership programs and earn money.

Broadband Internet Services

Internet connectivity is our core service. Affiliates and marketing partners from all over the Pakistan can re-sell our internet services to boost their income. Watch the video and contact us for training more information.

Boost your earnings by selling Wi-Link Web Hosting services

Join our Web Hosting reselling and affiliate programs and boost your earnings. Our pay per sale commission rate is 100% of total sale amount. Our Web Hosting services include WordPress Hosting, ecommerce website hosting, Cloud VPS, Reseller hosting programs and more.

Affiliates and partnership opportunities in website development services

Affiliate and sales partners can join our Website development services sales team as sales representatives and earns up to 50% per sales. We develop several types of websites like corporate profiles, personal pages, products and brands portfolios, blogs and ecommerce websites.

Content writing

Are you a creative and professional content writer and looking to join a visionary team of content marketing experts? Join us and become our partner we take your creativity to the next level. Our SEO and digital marketing team will help you not only publishing your content but market it and make it a money making asset.